Personalized healthcare delivered to your patient's doorstep

How It Works

1. You Create

Choose from 20,000 products in 20+ categories

Personalize your patients’ health with 20,000 products for TCM, Ayurveda, Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, herbs,vitamins, supplements and more!

2. We Fullfil

Packed With Care

Our team will package the items you’ve carefully chosen in a way that represents the high standards of your clinic!

3. Health Delivered

Beautifully Presented and Represented

Your patients get their healthcare delivered directly to their doorstep. Beautifully presenting the care you crafted for them

Key Benefits!

Grow your practice without giving up your time

An unmatched eRx experience

Unlock a world of personalized care


Yes we do!
Handcraft Health has made sure to focus on offering TCM practitioner a massive variety of TCM products they can send to their patients.   
Streamlined ordering and delivery process: By working with Handcraft Health, you can streamline the ordering and delivery process for TCM herbs and combine that order with up to 20,000 options in other categories, reducing the time and effort required to order from multiple distributors. 

Handcraft Health sells its products to certified or licensed practitioners or a student of a health and wellness medical training program (such as TCM, Ayurveda, Functional Medicine, Massage, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, etc.) and to patients with prescriptions from practitioners. 

Handcraft Health does not sell directly to the public. Patients must obtain a prescription from a registered practitioner on our platform.

We equip practitioners and patients with world-class software, resources, and customer support to get better and stay better.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness and we’re dedicated to making them both more personalized than ever.

Wellness is a journey best navigated between practitioner and patient — one we make seamless with our powerful platform.

Security & Compliance

Handcraft Health is a completely secure platform that operates in HIPAA compliant data centers.

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    Personalized healthcare delivered to your patient’s doorstep.

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